Stop being distracted by cloud costs.

Macroscope gives developers the tools they need to understand the cost impact of operational changes to their AWS environment.

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Go from reporting a cloud cost problem to fixing it.

Why did my AWS bill spike last month? Cloud reports don’t have the answers. What’s needed is context – the understanding of how changes to cloud infrastructure impact costs. That’s Macroscope.

Find the root cause fast

Drill into resource relationships and activity that drive AWS costs.

Tools vs. reports

Interactive search-based tools enable developers to explore and control their costs.

Prevent cost spikes

Understand how operational changes will increase costs before pushing into production.

Why Macroscope?

Built for Developers

FinOps Starts with Engineering

Find anything with flexible search

Macroscope consolidates your cost and operational data into a powerful search interface so you can quickly find total cost by resource ID, tag, account, and collection.

Understand your cloud costs

“Why did our costs spike last month?” Get quick answers with detailed charts that show resources and sub-resource costs over time, mapped against performance and utilization metrics.

Push the blame button, fast

We’re not pointing fingers, but we are putting names and dates to operational changes that hiked your AWS bill. What you do with that new found wisdom is up to you.